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    Last Updated 06/21/21

    Welcome to the Seacats News Center. This section of our webpage is being constantly updated, with the date of the last alteration shown above. You will also receive an email when important information has been updated ( ~ Updated ~ )or added ( ~ New ~ ).

    Practice Cancellations

    Saturday, July 3rd- canceled due to away meet

    Saturday, July 11th - canceled due to away meet

    ~New~ Apparel- Goggles, Caps, Suits, T-Shirts

    T-shirt and hoodie orders need to be in by Wednesday 06/23/21 at noon, if you have not already ordered and wish to do so, get these in! You can visit the team store to do so. Logos and artwork of the shirt are now posted!

    Goggles and caps are available from the coaches, if you have previously ordered these and have not received them, please contact a coach at practice to receive them.

    Suits are in, with exceptions to a few late orders, everyone should have their suits. If you have not yet collected your suit, please ask a coach at practice. 

    ~Updated~ Meet Sign-up

    A reminder that meet sign-up is open for the entire season, and that each meet's sign-up will close a week prior to the meet date. If your swimmer's attendance status changes after the sign-up has closed, contact a coach, as your swimmer's attendance may affect other swimmer's events as well. If you are still unsure of how to sign up you swimmer for meets, click here to view the parent meeting, where it is included on slides 6-13.

    ***To view swimmers events and any job signups for this upcoming week, logon to you swimtopia account to check.***

    We can not stress enough how important this is to get done, even if you are unsure if your swimmer will be in attendance please mark attending, and in the notes specify that you are unsure about the meet attendance. The following families have not completed their meet sign up. 

    Clark ~ Davis ~ Delcomyn ~ Germeraad~ Greco ~ Hillis ~ Kirchhoff ~ Maddox ~ Nesit ~ Reiss ~ Deem ~ Reitz ~ Brady ~ Hendrickson ~ Vespa ~ Becker 

    What meets can my swimmer sign up for?  

    All swimmers should be signing up for meets, unless they can not attend. Attending meets and experiencing them is the only way they swill get better, even if you as a parent feel they are not ready, still sign them up! If your swimmer cannot complete a length of the pool without a float bar or noodle, they can still sign up for home meets, and they will be allowed to use the equipment in their race. If your swimmer is still at this level, you can sign up for away meets to show you are available, but your swimmer will not be put in events until they are ready for them.

    Conference Meet: 

    The conference meet is where your swimmer will be chosen to swim, as we are only allowed entries for the top 2 swimmers in each event for each age group. Keep in mind, even if your swimmer has not been at the top of their age group they still may be chosen to swim at the conference. Please sign your swimmer up for conference in the computer system to indicate that you are available, but remember that your swimmer may not be chosen to swim at the conference meet, even with this sign-up. 

    ~New~ Urgent Help- Competition in Danger

    We are currently unable to use two blocks at our home meets. The anchors previously installed in the concrete have come out, and the anchors on several other blocks are loose. Normally this would be an issue for the pool itself, but this facility has no interest in the competitive swimming at their facility, so we will have to try and fix this on our own.  pool issue but not interest of facility try to fix on own, if anyone can do this (reinstalling the anchors and concrete) or has someone who can, please let us know so we can try to get this fixed as soon as possible. 

    ~New~ Meet Award Pick Up

    Ribbons from meets will be available at KC practices, they can be picked up before or after practice from a coach. If you swimmer only practices at Eisenhower and needs to pick up their awards, they can ask a coach to bring them over from the KC.

    ~Updated~ Bearshark Swim Lessons

    CASC is connected to our Bearshark swim lesson program! This program allows families to find lessons that fit into their schedules and teaches components of both basic and competitive swimming skills. Please spread the word about the lessons, whether it be by sharing them on media outlets (posts can be found on the Bearsharktopus Aquatics Facebook and Instagram) or by other means. These swim lessons are important, as this is what feeds the youth of our program! For more information click here to visit the Bearshark Swim Lesson page. 

    ~New~ Sponsorship

    This will be the first year CASC Seacats will be looking for sponsorship. Historically, we have been able to be supported by our parent's dues every year but since moving facilities, we have worked to become independent of facilities themselves. Since moving, it has become apparent that at our current facility we will need to pay for the upkeep of things like lane lines and blocks, which are essential to continue a productive season for your swimmers. Our goal for this season is to purchase new lane lines and lane line reels, as our current lane lines are falling apart, as are the lane line reels. For more information on sponsorship and how to get involved, please visit our Sponsorship tab. We would also like to welcome families to donate or sponsor us if they so please. You can click here to find our Donor Intent to Sponsor form.

    ~Updated~ Mandatory Meet Volunteering

    Volunteering sign-up is open for all home meets this season. These close a week before the meet date. Families are required to provide a volunteer at each home meet. There are two job shifts, one for the first half of the meet (events #1-32) and the second shift (events #32-64). If you are not signed up for a volunteering job on the date of the meet, one will be assigned to you.

    ~Updated~ Meet expectations

    Swimmers need to show up to meets 10-15 minutes before their warmup time. Swimmers need to be ready to get in the water when they are scheduled for warm-ups. 

    At each meet, parents will be handed notecards for each of their kids, these will contain the event, heat, and lane in that your swimmer will be swimming in. If parents will not be there before the meet starts, please make sure someone else collects your child's event cards. 

    Swimmers ages 11-12 and under will be bull penned, meaning they will be lined up before their event and they will be taken to their race by a coach.

    Here is a video that can help prepare you for your first swim meet. You can also visit the Registration 101 tab, and look at the Swim Meet section.

     Pick-up drop-off policies 

    CAC: Swimmers need to be dropped off at the east gate, past the building. Parents are welcome to come in and sit through practice at this facility. When families leave practice, they will exit through the same gate they entered.

    Eisenhower Pool- Swimmers will need to be dropped off at the front door, and masked as they enter the building. At the end of practice, swimmers will be walked out as a group to the front of the building.

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