Seacats Update!! 07/01

Hello everyone!

1.General Practice Changes

As mentioned in a previous email, practices will resume as normal Monday morning. All July 3rd 7-9 AM groups will be moved to Columbian Aquatics Center. ALL PRACTICES on July 4th will be CANCELED.

2.Practice Location Change Starting July 1st

The 7-9 AM groups that swim at Eisenhower pool will now be swimming at the Columbian Aquatics Center starting Monday, July 3 and will continue for the rest of the season. This change was made to reduce travel time between pools and allow swimmers to participate in assisting with helping the younger swimmers. We will still be having 5:30-7 PM Practice at Eisenhower pool on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

3. Discounted Seacats Apparel for Sale!!

We had some misprinted Seacats apparel that we are selling for discounted prices. In the Team Center on the Seacats website, you will find a constantly updated list of sizes and amounts. Please text Bobby at (217) 816-3525 for orders. Inventory will be updated as it is sold on the page and is first come first serve...

Pictures of the apparel are attaches at the bottom and the current sizes are as follows

Youth T-Shirts ($12) - Y Med- 1; YLG- 3: YXL - 5

Youth Hoodies ($24) - YLG- 2; YXL- 1

Adult T-Shirts ($12)- S- 10; Med - 7; LG - 6; XL -3

Adult Hoodies ($24)- S- 1;Med -3; LG-2; XL- 1

4. Conference T-shirt Sales

Shirts for the Mid-state Conference will go on Sale July 3rd. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED NO LATER THAN July 6th.

Orders can be placed on the MSC web page under . Click here for the web page. 


Brett Westbrook

Assistant Coach

Columbian Aquatics

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